Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Destiny Rose finale

In the finale of GMA's rather controversial, yet compelling, drama series about a transgender named Destiny Rose, moments after Destiny (Ken Chan) was pushed by Jasmine and suffered from a comatose, he survived and now he's reunited with his mother Daisy and sister April. However, Jasmine still has other plans now that Destiny's returned. Jasmine plots to kill Destiny until Destiny's dad, Lito, popped up to stop Jasmine and save Destiny, despite his hatred to his transgender son.

Now that the threat to Destiny's life is finally over, the family finally reconcile with peace, although his father Lito is still unknown after he saved his life. Minutes later, Gabriel (Fabio Ide), the love of Destiny's life, admitted his true feelings to Destiny and he loves Destiny for who he is.

In the end, Gabriel finally engaged to Destiny, making this the happiest moment in Destiny's life. Even his closest friends are more than happy to see Destiny fulfilled his...destiny. Despite his happiness, there is one person missing in his life...his father. However, Destiny got a card and inside, there's a family photo and a medal that he got during his years as Joey, knowing that his dad was very proud of his achievements, and after all that, his father finally came. Despite his hatred towards his son, he finally reconcile with Destiny and accepted him no matter who he is.

And that concludes the colorful story of a transgender who tries to fulfill his destiny and overcome the odds of his life, no matter who he is. I hope the story of Destiny Rose will serve as an utmost inspiration for dreamers and believers, especially those from the LGBT community. Like Destiny's life, there's always a rainbow at the end of the rainfall and hope this story will be as colorful as anyone around here.

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