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Last year, the anime adaptation of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ventures the life and times of 346 PRODUCTION's CINDERELLA PROJECT as they venture through numerous obstacles in life to get their names be known to the hearts of fans. Of course, fans already watched the anime series in two halves; one by January 2015 and the second by July 2015, and fans thought that they loved the Cinderella Girls as much as the original 765 Production idols from the original IDOLM@STER series.

With the anime truly now consigned to the IM@S history books, the long-awaited original soundtrack inspired from last year's show has arrived, packed with background musics as heard on the TV show as well as TV edits of CINDERELLA PROJECT's finest.

All of the BGMs were made courtesy of MONACA and it's been packed in a unique vertically-shaped booklet packed with comments in the making of the music of CINDERELLA GIRLS as well as three music CDs (and a bonus Blu-Ray audio disc) to enjoy listening through the background musics as heard in the TV series.


Disc 1 
01 Theme of Cinderella Girls (M01A)
02 Anemone (M02)
03 Flower Language (M34A)
04 Why Don't You Be a Cinderella? (M33A)
05 Trial and Error (M17A)
06 Sly & The Girls Jewelries (M41)
07 April Tango (M05)
08 The Second Line of MIO (M10A)
09 Waltz for Dreamers (M06)
10 Just Curious. (M19)
11 Never Was a Cloudy Twilight (M40)
12 Puzzling Pizzicato (M07)
13 The Dancing Glass Slippers (M25)
14 The Cat Ears' Opinions (M30A)
15 Ambiguous Dialogue (M31A)
16 Dress! Dress! Dress! (M21)
17 The Days of Effort (M27)
18 All Right in the End (M39)
20 Eight Days OFF A Week (M14A)
21 Teatime (in the Magic Hour) (M38)
22 RANKO's Grimoire (M13A)
23 Tut-Tut Blues (M32A)
24 Mondo Monday (M23)
25 Sunday Montuno (M24)
26 The Girls Etiquette (M22)
27 Count It Basis! (M11)
28 The Reversible Heart (M08)
29 Motif "Awake" (M09)
30 Honesty (M20)
31 Bedtime Nocturne (M37A)
32 Your Smile (M28)
33 Tears of Joy (M29)

Disc 2 
01 Fortunately, Ordinary (M36)
02 Carriage for Cutie (M03)
03 A Demon in Shibuya (M15A)
04 Passione (M04)
05 Wishful Thinking (M66)
06 Playing Spies (M67)
07 TOTOKIRA Kindergarten (M68)
08 Serendipity (M63)
09 If So (or Not So) (M65)
10 Elder Sisters' Pain (M64)
11 Thanks For Our Work (M42)
12 See You (M43)
13 Regal No.346 (M60A)
14 Erosional Authority (M60B)
15 Thistle Castle (M60C)
16 The Dotted Anxiety (M16)
17 Impatience (M26)
18 The Beautiful Creeps (M44)
19 Emergency (M45)
20 Heartbeats (M46)
21 Someone Behind the Door (M12)
22 Nothing's Gonna Be Alright (M48)
23 1159 Tinnitus (M18)
24 A Ripple of Courage (M61)
25 A Lost Princess (M49)
26 Starting Over (M62)
27 Primula Julian (M01C)
28 SHINSEN Girls (#26)

Disc 3 
01 お願い!シンデレラ(BGM Version) (C01)
02 メッセージ(BGM Version) (C02)
03 ススメ☆オトメ~jewel parade~(BGM Version) (C03)
04 We're the friends! (BGM Version) (C04)
05 Nation Blue(BGM Version) (C05)
06 Orange Sapphire(BGM Version) (C06)
07 アタシポンコツアンドロイド(BGM Version) (C07)
08 Star!!(Piano Instrumental Version) (C08)
09 夕映えプレゼント(BGM Version) (C09)
10 できたてEvo! Revo! Generation! (BGM Version) (C10)
11 オルゴールの小箱(BGM Version) (C11)
12 輝く世界の魔法(BGM Version) (C15)
13 Never Say Never(BGM Version) (C16)
14 S(mile)ING!(BGM Version) (C17)
15 ミツボシ☆☆★(BGM Version) (C18)
16 Shine!! (BGM Version) (C19)
17 夢色ハーモニー(BGM Version) (C20)
18 GOIN'!!! (BGM Version) (C21)
19 つぼみ(BGM Version) (C23)
20 Star!!(オルゴールVersion)
21 お願い!シンデレラ(オルゴールVersion)
22 アタシポンコツアンドロイド(TV Size)
23 Orange Sapphire(TV Size)
24 Nation Blue(TV Size)
25 GOIN'!!!
26 S(mile)ING!(TV Version)
27 流れ星キセキ(TV Version)
29 STORY オリジナル・カラオケ

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