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The "real" green herbs you can find

The "green herb", every Biohazard/Resident Evil fans' favorite necessity (next to the first aid spray) to survive through the war on bioterrorism. Use one of these and you'll recover in no time but it can be mixed with different kinds of herbs (be it green, red, or blue) for added healing effects. We want to have one of these in order to survive the ongoing war on terror but little did you know that green herbs do exist globally and those real-world green herbs do have a similar effect on those you've commonly used in the franchise. As part of honoring the 20th anniversary of the Biohazard/Resident Evil franchise, let's list down the "real" green herbs you can find in order to survive the ongoing war on terrorism in the form of zombies, mutants, and powerful villains.

Green Herb

Peppermint - Often used as a flavor for minty candies, peppermint can be use to treat respiratory illnesses such as coughs, colds, asthma, even fatal tuberculosis. It can even sooth the muscles of your intestines to ease down abdominal pain. It's no wonder capsules made from these are the medicine of choice for those who have IBS.

Basil - Once used as a tasty concoction on fancy meals on fancy restaurants, this kind of "green herb" can be use to ease down farting, lack of appetite, even wounds as well.

Lemon Balm - A mint derivative, this kind of "green herb" can ease down stress, insomnia, wounds, insect bites, even herpes. Not only that, some claim that lemon balm can help treat cold sores on their lips.

Parsley - It may be used as decoration for fancy meals but eating one of these will help ease down gassy problems in your stomach as well as your bad breath.

Rosemary - Apart from treating bad breath, this green herb provides good concentration, necessary if you want to take out monsters and terrorists with calm and orderly precision.

Sage - Although the name sounds so similar to a magical person in role-playing games, a Sage is a kind of green herb which is useful to treat mouth and throat inflammation.

Thyme - Thyme or thymol is a green herb that can be used to treat cough, congestion, or even indigestion.

Aloe Vera - As most skin care products used this kind of herb for its skin-healing properties, this kind of green herb was commonly used to speed up wound healing thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties

Eucalyptus - Also a mint derivative, this kind of green herb is used to treat respiratory illnesses, making it an ideal cold remedy known to man. Apart from being a respiratory aid, it was used for the treatment of muscle pains, perhaps most painkillers used the ingredient sourced from this kind of green herb.

Niaouli - Originated from Australia and Southeast Asia, this green herb comes with antiseptic properties. Its oils are powerful enough to treat colds and can be mixed with different kinds to treat different ailments.

Oregano - Americans think that this kind of herb was used for pizza sauce but it has the highest reputation in terms of antioxidant properties for culinary purposes. The oregano's medicinal properties can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant compounds. It's no wonder this green herb was used for protection against cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Goldenseal - Commonly used as a disinfectant, it contains berberine and hydrastine, capable of its antibacterial properties. The primary use for this green herb is for treating upper respiratory congestion and sinus infections as well as skin infections, sore throats, mouth ulcers, and eye infections.

Cubeb - This green herb has a rather bizarre use as an aphrodisiac because not only can be used for solve dental problems, it can also be used to intensify sexual pleasure during coitus, according to Unani physicians. Who knew, right?

Bupleurum - Although not used by Western herbalists, this Chinese tonic herb was used for the treatment of liver and circulatory system. This green herb was rarely used but when combined with different herbs like ginger, ginseng, and peony, this herb can help heal different ailments such as menstrual problems.

Balsam of Peru - Long time ago, this herb was used in cough medicine to kill parasites inside of our body but today, it's been used for aromatherapy purposes as well as treating skin problems similar to other balsams.

Burdock - This green herb was once used as a nutritive liver tonic that helps clean and build the blood, while its diuretic properties helps in the elimination of waste materials. It can also be used to treat skin problems, control blood sugar levels, and the theoretical treatment of cancer.

Neem - Once used as a traditional cure in Ayurvedic medicine traditions in India since ancient times, this green herb was used for the treatment of skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, and athletes foot. Some say, it can also be used to reduce plaque-induced gingivitis and avert periodontal disease when used as a mouthwash.

Spearmint - While it has the same properties as peppermint, this green herb is a milder version and it's suitable for young children. A spearmint tea is used to treat hiccups as well as indigestion while a sweetened one can help treat colds or congestion.

Wormwood - Although used to stimulate digestion and prevent heartburn and gas, this green herb is a capable dewormer that has been used for centuries to expel tapeworms, threadworms, and roundworms from dogs, cats, and humans.

Lobelia - Even though it's useful to treat bronchitis and asthma, this herb comes with the same properties as nicotine, which is useful for smokers to slowly end their smoking habits.

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And there you go. When the next time terrorism has struck in your neighborhood in the form of zombies and mutants, best to prepare some green herbs while you're fighting back against these enemies. All we need now is some scientific knowledge on how to mix these herbs.

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