Sunday, April 17, 2016

Buick Cascada and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible

We have two guests who are either late to the party or came here for the very first time. One is somewhat Euro-American and the other is quintessentially British on the other side. So, let's meet up with the open-top slowpokes who came to the open-top party too late or too early.

2016 Buick Cascada

First, let's meet with the latecomer known as the Buick Cascada. Well, basically this is imported from Europe's Opel division and Australians can expect this as a Holden sometime. Anyway, when the Euro-sourced Cascada arrived in America, it seems that its welcoming party got cancelled. VW's Eos and Golf Cabriolet are long dead as are Chrysler's old 200 Convertible. Which means, this car is running unopposed you can't even compare this one to a Mazda Roadster because...that's too cheeky.

Anyway, while Buick's open-top newcomer came here on its own free will, let's get some answers while this car catches some fresh air. Like its European equivalent, the Cascada has the same underpinning as the Verano, meaning that its got some clever Euro-tuned dynamics for a sporty handling that gets the driver into grooves. Under the hood?a 1.6L turbocharged petrol engine generating 200HP of power and 206lb-ft of torque while delivering an EPA-estimated Fuel Economy Highway of 27MPG. Of course, it's mated with a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Other features? Well, this open-top Buick comes with a host of tech such as Buick Intellilink, rear park assist, automatic headlamps, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, RainSense wipers, and so much more.

The price? It's 33,990 Dollars for the base 1SV while the top-of-the-range Premium costs 36,990 Dollars. Like I said, it's running unopposed because there are no front-wheel drive convertibles in the market that can compete against the Cascada in the North American market. It's a shame really because while it maybe late for the party, the Cascada tries to reinvent itself from the ground up. So, what about the newcomer who came to the party for the first try?

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The world's first open-top convertible from Land Rover, called the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, and remember, you saw this one first because I'm not mentioning about the Cr_ssC_br__l_t (vowels blocked for search query reasons) from a distant past because the Evoque Convertible is the first of its kind and that's the end of it.

Based on the recently-facelifted Range Rover Evoque Coupe, the Convertible features similar stuff from the coupe with the clever Z-folding roof system which can be operated at speeds of up to 30mph. Think of this first-ever convertible crossover is a mixture of a visit to the Caribbean beach to the African safari because this crossover changes everything...well, sorta.

The Evoque Convertible maybe heavier than its hardtop equivalent but its offroad capability still works its charm even with the roof up, meaning this sport utility convertible loves to play rough, rain or shine. On the road, it looks pleasantly head-turning because despite being hunky, the Evoque Convertible still looks attractive, roof up or down. In rough terrain, drivers wouldn't mind getting muddy or wet while driving with the roof open. For a stylish, yet adventurous, luxury convertible, the Evoque Convertible is available with either a 2.0L TD4 diesel or a 2.0L Si4 petrol engine, all mated with the brand new 9-speed automatic gearbox as seen on the facelifted Evoque range. The petrol variant is capable of reaching 0-60mph at 7.8 seconds and onwards to 130mph.

The Evoque Convertible starts at £47,500 OTR and just like the Cascada from Buick, it's running unopposed. It's kinda shame really but when you are going to compare these guests who are either late to the party or came here for the very first time, it will be humorous enough to see the late bloomers edging out together. So, which of those late bloomers would you choose? These convertibles maybe late for the party but it would be a blast to give them a try.

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