Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: Omigosh, What the FXX K?!

Did you kiss your mother with that mouth? Anyway, let's introduce to the one car that deserves to have your mouth washed with soap because this car bears a curse word that needs to be bursted out to the world. So, question is...What The FXX K?!


No wonder Ferrari named their LaFerrari-based experimental racing machine after an infamous curse word everyone's not afraid to say it but whatever the heck is, this car, part of the Top Gear Car Pack, has speeds capable of unleashing curse words straight from your mouth. So, what the FXX K is this FXX K?!!!

fxxk (2)

Based on the LaFerrari, the Ferrari FXX K experimental track car is an evolution to the previous Enzo Ferrari-based FXX while featuring Formula One-inspired KERS. Although not suitable for motorsport use, the FXX K was made for the exclusive group of Client-Test Drivers with whom Ferrari will commence a test programme over the next two years.

With the V12 engine and electric motor working together as one, it develops a record-breaking 1050PS of power output while torque output is over 900Nm. Apart from its performance, the FXX K's aerodynamics benefitted quick lap times. Its aerodynamics resulted to a 50% improvement in downforce in the low drag configuration and a 30% increase in the more aggressive downforce configuration, resulting in a figure of 540kg at 200kph.

The E-Diff, F-Track, Racing Side Slip Angle Control, optimized to suit its Pirelli slick tyres, and the high-performance anti-lock brakes can be adjusted using the Manettino on the steering wheel.

Using its motorsport knowhow, the FXX K, never intended to be used in motorsport purposes, delivers unbiased track day performance well made for the Client-Test Drivers who want to know more about this machine.

fxxk (3)

Trying to act like the client-test driver who grows interest in Ferrari's FXX K experiment, I went to Circuit of the Americas, home of the Formula 1 US Grand Prix (good thing it's part of this season, right?!), to try out Ferrari's motorsport experiment that was never intended for motorsport use but incorporates most of it. With such speeds, handling the FXX K really sounds challenging and mostly curse words coming out in my mouth. Perhaps no wonder this car was named after a curse word. Wanna see how I tried with the FXX K?

fxxk (4)

Bottom line: I survived, barely. The FXX K maybe a fast machine full-stop but because of its unpredictable behavior, drivers will have a challenging time mastering the FXX K's characteristics. In fact, some curse words came out from the drivers' mouths in the driving of Ferrari's hybrid racecar made for experimental purposes. No matter how many curse words burst from their mouth, having a mastery with the FXX K will prove that this car can FXX K it right up in its rear bumper.

FXX K Yeah!

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