Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM

The new school idol group AQOURS from the brand new Love Live! Sunshine!!, having enjoyed their success from last year's debut album and getting ready for bigger things this 2016, are back with their second single titled Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM. Thanks to the fan-sourced results from a recent survey done by a certain anime magazine, this latest single puts Aqours' You Watanabe on center stage to this new song while the members will be joining the fun in this new, aquatic-themed, song fit enough to splash your newfound obsession with Aqours.

This latest single features two songs such as this and 待ってて愛のうた. Apart from the two songs offered, this single features four audio drama stories as well, more than enough to be part of their newest adventure to the life and times of Uranohoshi High's breakthrough school idols.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This latest single comes with either a DVD or Blu-Ray featuring the music video as well. And for a limited time, it comes with one of nine Aqours member profile cards and a bonus ticket for a special event as well!


01. 恋になりたいAQUARIUM
02. 待ってて愛のうた
03. 届かない星だとしても
04. 恋になりたいAQUARIUM(Off Vocal)
05. 突撃!風雲マリンパーク
06. 不思議!シーパラダイス発見
07. ゆったりたっぷり!深海水族館
08. 私たちのベストヒットステージ!

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