Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Do The News! (April 11, 2016)

- As of now, thirteen members of the Abu Sayyaf Group were killed during the AFP's "no let-up operation" in Basilan. The encounter between the two groups happened around 0800 hours Philippine time, outside the village of Baguindan, the same area  where the 10-hour bloody encounter last weekend that left 18 soldiers killed and 56 others wounded.

- Philippine vice president aspirants Bongbong Marcos and Chiz Escudero said Sunday that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump may not be the ideal American leader when it comes to diplomatic ties with the Philippines. During the COMELEC vice presidential debate, the two candidates fell short of naming an American candidate whose policies are likely to benefit the Philippines but the two agreed that Trump will not benefit the nation's longstanding security alliance with the US.

- The Supreme Court ruling allowing Senator Grace Poe to run for president "lacks doctrinal value" according to former senator Francisco Tatad during the second motion for reconsideration filed. Last Saturday, the high court released its resolution affirming that Poe is now able to run for next month's election. By majority, the SC stated that there is no material misrepresentation on the part of Poe when she declared in her certificate of candidacy that she is a natural-born Filipino and a resident of the Philippines for 10 years. 

- The Islamic State militants have regained control of the al-Rai town in Syria, showing that the terrorist organization's capable of launching counterattacks even as the extremists come under pressure on different fronts in areas the IS controlled in Syria and Iraq.

- The fate of Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff is reaching on a knife edge as the South American country is facing a vote if she would be impeached or not. The decision starts with the congressional commission's non-binding vote at around 5:00 pm local time on whether to recommend impeachment. Then on Friday, the full lower house is expected to open debate, with a vote either the 17th or 18th where two-thirds majority would send Rousseff's case to the Senate.

- British Prime Minister David Cameron released a summary of his tax records following the Panama Papers leak and the criticism that he benefited from a fund set up by his late father in an offshore tax haven. Cameron published the income and tax report for the past 6 years on the website of the prime minister's office. The records show that Cameron received no stock dividends five years ago. An accounting firm notes in the report that he has no sources of taxable income or gains from either UK or overseas.

- A one-of-a-kind Audi A8 L Extended saloon was made for a certain client. This king-sized special measures 6.36 meters in length and a wheelbase of 4.22 meters. It can accommodate up to six people inside.

Audi A8 L Extended

- The official trailer of the brand new Star Wars spinoff film ROGUE ONE is here.

- The launch for the upcoming BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CORPS third-person shooter game has been moved to June 23rd.


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