Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Let's Do The News! (April 27, 2016)

- President Benigno Aquino III declared that May 9, 2016, the day of the elections, as a special non-working holiday so registered voters can get to their polling stations to vote. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy assured the public preparations to ensure energy supply on election day are almost done to ensure the readiness of the systems and power stakeholders who have roles to play during the elections.

- Before election day draws near, all of the country's presidential candidates, except for former DILG secretary Mar Roxas who no longer holds a government position, will have to file their 2015 statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth. Vice President Jejomar Binay will be filing his SALN before the Office of Ombudsman while Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will submit his before the DILG. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Grace Poe, meanwhile, will file theirs before the Office of the Senate Secretariat.

- President Benigno Aquino III ordered the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be on full force against the Abu Sayyaf Group following the recent execution of the Canadian hostage.

- At the recent presidential primaries, Republican's Donald Trump scored wins from Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island while on the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton scored four wins while her rival Bernie Sanders scored one.

- On April 15th, 1989, 96 people died in a packed terrace or standing areas behind a goal shortly after a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest began at Hillsborough Stadium in the central city of Sheffield. This is called the Hillsborough Disaster and right now, a British jury held police responsible for the disaster which numerous soccer fans were crushed to death in an overcrowded section of a stadium.

- It is revealed that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation didn't used a portion of Japan's mandated fuel economy test since 25 years ago. The Japanese car company hired an independent panel of investigators to find out what went wrong and they have three months to file a report. This recent scandal started when Nissan discovered fuel economy deceptions in some of its Mitsubishi-made kei cars in Japan and Mitsubishi exposed the truth that about 625,000 vehicles were affected. Cars like the eK Wagon, eK Space, Nissan Dayz, and Nissan Dayz Roox were among the affected and the companies issued a suspension of sales between these affected models.

- The countdown to Rio 2016 Olympics is started and only 100 days left before the games.

- As the new Top Gear draws near, presenter Rory Reid will present an Extra Gear spinoff, featuring bonus content as seen on Top Gear as well as behind-the-scene footages from aired episodes. The new Top Gear is getting more interactive than ever.

- Meanwhile, the Clarkson, Hammond, and May trio are having a hard time to find a name to their new Amazon Prime exclusive show, which is set to air this autumn 2016.

- Bad news for Volkswagen fans; the hot Golf R400 will never make it into production. Good new is, there's a more powerful VW GTi coming at next month's GTi meeting.

- A promotional video for the upcoming Love Live! Sunshine!! TV anime is on!

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, bad news! All of the Quandos Tinidora trained for the upcoming sports fest gone rotten! However, all hope is not lost because she hired a group of athletes that will take over the team, where Divina will serve as their muse. However, with all that muscle packing in, things aren't looking good for AlDub. What happens next? Tune in next time and find out!


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