Saturday, April 2, 2016

The search for the next Kalyeserye yaya is on!

Image: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Yaya In, Yaya Glo, Yaya Pak, and Yaya Git, four aspirants are edginig each other out in the search for the next Kalyeserye yaya in the recent Kalyeserye segment from Eat Bulaga! Of course, over the week, the lolas and Divina met up with these would-be yayas, showcasing how good they really are and earlier, they pit these final four to the test both physically and mentally. In the first half, the yayas are undergoing an obstacle course to see how much of a yaya they really are. And on the second half, the yayas are talking trash in a series of debates set up by the lolas.

So, who will be the next Kalyeserye yaya? Tune in on Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more of Kalyeserye! In the meantime, congratulations to the winners of this year's Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Awards, in honor of their exceptional performances from this year's Lenten specials. Maine Mendoza, HBD girl Patricia Tumulak, Alden Richards, the rest of the Dabarkads deserved all the awards and congratulations to the job well done.

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