Friday, April 15, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: NoKor missile launch presumably failed

The North Korean Missile Launch meant to celebrate the birthday of the founding father, Kim Il-Sung, was presumably failed, according to South Korean and US officials, an humiliating setback in what was reportedly the inaugural test of a new, powerful mid-range missile.

According to reports, a Musudan missile, which could one day be capable of hitting US military bases in the Asia-Pacific, exploded in the air a few seconds after liftoff. Despite the failure, the North has another Musudan loaded on a carrier and Pyongyang will likely fire it according to authorities.

The launch comes as the two Korea's trade threats amid Pyongyang's rage over annual US-SoKor military drills that North Korea calls it a rehearsal for an invasion. The North has recently fired numerous missiles and artillery shells in to the sea as an act of protest against the drills.


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