Thursday, April 7, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: NoKor completed development of MLRS

South Korea's defense minister Han Min-Gu said that North Korea has completed the development of a high-powered multiple-launch rocket system and it's likely to deploy it against South Korea starting late this year.

Last month, North Korea announced that Kim Jong-Un inspected what was claimed to be the last test-fire of the 300mm caliber rockets as well as the recent order to conduct a nuclear warhead test last month.

Meanwhile, the UNSC will soon designate additional items to be banned from entering North Korea as part of measures to strengthen its sanctions against the communist regime. The UN's NoKor sanctions committee submitted a list of items to the Security Council on Monday in line with Resolution 2270, which punishes Pyongyang for its fourth nuclear test last January and long-range rocket launch a month later.

Source: Arirang News

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