Monday, April 18, 2016

Toyota Auris Hybrid (ZWE186H)

Last year, Toyota gave the second-generation Auris, launched since the summer of 2012, a minor change and apart from selling it in selected parts of the Asia-Pacific and Europe, it was made to be sold in North America as a Scion iM. Well, with Scion's untimely collapse, things aren't going so well for the recently facelifted Auris, even if it comes with Toyota's brand new 1.2L 8NR-FTS petrol engine.

2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid

Little did you know that because it's been ten years since the first Auris launch into dealerships since the autumn of 2006, here's a big 10th anniversary offering for the Toyota Auris because it's no longer a Netz-exclusive car because it's now available at both Toyopet and Netz dealerships across Japan. Notice the front view? Same facelifted Auris as last year but the Netz' N logo was now replaced by the Toyota logo on it. Finally, some credit to the sporty hatchback.

Of course, you can still get three petrol types (1.2L turbo, 1.5L, and 1.8L) but because of the Auris' 10th anniversary since 2006, the first-ever Auris Hybrid is now offered for the first time in Japanese markets.

2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid interior
Although, you can still expect the same bits and bobs from the normal Auris, the all-new hybrid variant features a combination of a 1.8: 2ZR-FXE engine, an electric motor, and a conventional nickel metal battery. Delivering a uniquely quiet and relaxing driving experience, the Auris Hybrid offers a top-class fuel consumption of 30.4km/L in the JC08 Mode cycle. Apart from that, its hybrid powertrain is made to eliminate the need for a petrol engine as much as possible during city driving, generating virtually no NOx and Particulate Matter emissions.

Because it can be operated both independently and in combination, the 1.8L petrol engine and the electric motor generate a combined power output of a measly 136PS of power output.

Just like the normal Auris, the Auris Hybrid features Toyota Safety Sense C, comprising of Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and the Automatic High Beam function. Don't need to repeat how these things work but if you want, it's your loss.

The Auris Hybrid starts at 2,832,545 Japanese Yen before the 100% Eco-Car Genzei benefits kicked into its main pricing. Once crossed into the European streets, the Auris Hybrid is now available for Japanese customers at both Netz and Toyopet dealerships, quite a good way to honor the Auris' 10th anniversary since its 2006 debut.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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