Saturday, May 7, 2016

A farewell to AlDub

For less than a year, fans from all over the world have been part of the AlDub experience since the very beginning of this surreal Kalyeserye shindig on GMA's long-running TV variety show, Eat Bulaga. The couple had been through good times, bad times, even the ugliest of times, all in the name of love fans savoring it forever and ever.

Now, all good things must come to an end...almost...because on the recent Kalyeserye, the lolas have thrown in an Italian-themed despedida party for AlDub before heading off to Italy for the shooting of their romantic movie coming soon. After exchanging necessities, the gang headed off to the studio for one last bow for AlDub before setting off.

Since it's Mother's Day, Divina has something special in store for Lola Nidora. Yep, it's her children; Dr. Dorita (the mother of Doktora de Explorer) and Teodoro (Duhrizz's dad). They wished Lola Nidora a happy mother's day and after that, Lola Nidora's final act for AlDub.

So, this is where the gang part ways, and with AlDub heading off to Italy, the Kalyeserye tale has faced the final curtain. However, that does not mean the Kalyeserye gig is done because they will keep them updated for developments.

Happy Trip, AlDub! Oh, and congrats to Mackie Cao for being the grand winner of Just Duet.

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook page

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