Friday, May 27, 2016

About US President Obama's historic Hiroshima visit

Screengrab: NHK World

May 27, 2016 - US President Barack Obama, who is on his final year of his administration, made his historic visit to Hiroshima, Japan, the site that was devastated by the atomic bomb at the last days of the Second World War seven decades ago. Obama is the first sitting American president to visit a war-torn Japanese city and his historic visit to Hiroshima isn't just about reconciliation between the two countries, it's about morality towards a lifelong term for a world without nuclear weapons.

Seven years ago when Obama took office, he made a speech in Prague calling for an end to nuclear weapons and urges him to visit Hiroshima, talk to survivors, and continue to push for disarmament of nuclear weapons. Now, he finally made his promise with his historic visit to Hiroshima following his successful visit at Ise-Shima for the G7 Summit, where he and the other world leaders will collaborate to stabilize the global economy, combat terrorism, and ease tensions on unstable nations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied him during Obama's historic Hiroshima visit, where he made a speech about how the Japanese people felt during the aftermath seven decades ago and how it must be done to prevent the so-called weapons of evil to be fell to the wrong hands.

Because Obama's administration is nearing its climax next year to pave way for his successor (whoever that is, depending on who will win November's election), I believe that his historic Hiroshima visit wasn't just more than worth the trip, but it's for the entrustment of the future of mankind. Because of ongoing conflicts on unstable nations, terrorism, and threats from North Korea, looks like the road for a nuclear-free world will be a very long one because it takes a lifetime for a world superpower like the United States of America to set things right on all the things that went wrong.

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