Saturday, May 14, 2016

Doom (2016 game)

Yes, the first-person shooter legend is back and for 2016, the legendary FPS game Doom gets a whole new modern twist to this one helluva shooter game that caused a stir on millions of gamers since the original Doom went out on the PC in the mid-90's. Now made for PC and new-generation gaming consoles such as the PS4 and XBOX One, the new Doom is going to be the bloodiest offerings in the summer.

Doom (PC)
Doom (PS4)
Doom (XBOX One)
So, what's what about the 2016 Doom game? Well, since this is an entirely new take on the bloody classic shooter legend, this is going to be one helluva different than the original Doom you knew because it's been peppered with tons of stuff to keep fans longing for some demon-slaying frenzy.

First up, the solo-player campaign and like what to expect in the classic Doom, it's a classic FPS mechanic. In here, players pit on a role of a DOOM Marine assigned to eradicate intergalactic demons lurking around the Martian research facility using a brutal array of weapons you can find to kill those underworld beings in an awesome way. It's either kill or be killed awesomely in the new Doom game.

If you had enough fun with the brutal solo-player mission, you can compete against opponents in online multiplayer, which is back for a game developed by id Software. Apart from classic deathmatches, the new Doom features different multiplayer modes that can test your bloody skills and like I said, it's either kill or be killed awesomely. Think you got what it takes to become DOOM's finest?!

And amazingly, the new Doom is now more fun than ever thanks to the brand new DOOM SnapMap feature, where players can create maps and objectives, and then share it to the world for them. Want to make it easy? Try create a less-complicating mission but if your mates want some challenge, try make it harder and see if one of your friends can't beat the mission you've made for them, unless someone else bravely does. There are so many ways to create missions in the SnapMap feature, thus making the new Doom one of the best games to blast out your creative expertise.

So, thoughts about the new Doom? In new-generation consoles, the new Doom is so great to play, you can even share your favorite bloody moments and how you manage to slay intergalactic demons in style, but in PC versions, it's a bit good, perhaps, even if all that demon-slaying shindig is taking a bite out of your hard drive. Either way, the new Doom is becoming one helluva great games to enjoy in the summer season and you can spend all day trying to finish that whole solo-player missions or try out different missions curated by the gamers themselves just for the thrill of it.

LIMITED EDITION: For the limited time only, the new Doom offers a Collector's Edition and it features not just the game itself but also other extras such as the 12-inch Revenant figure and a special Demon Multiplayer Pack for some added challenge. It's time to Fight Like Hell.

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