Monday, May 30, 2016

FM6 NASCAR Expansion: An introduction to NASCAR

In case you may have already missed it, there was a NASCAR Expansion now available on the Forza Motorsport 6 video game for the XBOX One console, which means that fans will now join through the NASCAR action by driving all of the 2016 season NASCAR machines while taking on new challenges to test their NASCAR skills.

First and foremost, what is NASCAR? Began in 1948, NASCAR sanctioned over 1,200 races in over 30 US states, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Thanks to its fanbase, unique playoff format, development of the modern sports sponsorship and commitment to enhancing auto racing through technology, NASCAR evolved to become one of the most entertaining motorsports for fans not just in the USA but for the rest of the world. Three years ago, we got indulged with their Gen-6 cars from Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet, a new Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, and plethora of new sponsorships to make NASCAR more profitable.

For the first time, the world of NASCAR breached through the world of Forza Motorsport with this expansion pack, available for $20 (plus tax). In this expansion, not only you will gain access to the cars seen on the 2016 season of NASCAR but also the NASCAR WORLD TOUR where players can master the art of NASCAR through series of challenges such as pitting against Le Mans, GT machines, Australian V8 Supercars, Indycars, and many more.

For my first taste with this expansion, I get to take a spin on the #24 Hendrick Motorsports NAPA SS round the Homestead-Miami Speedway (take note, the Road Circuit because ovals are too short for me). This #24 SS is driven by Chase Elliott, a 20-year-old rookie NASCAR driver who was one of Forbes' Top 40 Most Social Athletes under 30 and SportsPro's World's 50 Most Marketable Athletes.

Chase Elliott follows the footsteps of his father, who was a NASCAR Hall of Famer and 1988 Sprint Cup champion, and together, they are the fifth father-son duo to win NASCAR national series championships.

His first win in his career is the 2014 NASCAR XFINITY Series, making him the youngest champion in series history when he was 18 years old. He is the first driver to win championship, rookie of the year and most popular driver honors in the same season.

Anyway, no need to explain more about that because I wanna see how much NASCAR I can experience in this brand new expansion dedicated for those who love NASCAR but still enjoying the world of Forza Motorsport.

Thoughts about having my first bite of NASCAR in the world of Forza? For me, it was good but I need to be so good enough to master the tricky stuff that this stock car delivers. Sure, it may have the biggest V8 power for a racecar but because I'm in a stock car, it's heavy and it got small brakes, meaning you need to have precise driving skills to master stock car racing and because you are now engaging to a hard-boiled contact sport Americans love, there's bound to be a close combat between you and the opposition. Once you're in the lead, you'd best to hang in there before the other guys take your lead or get thrown into submission, which results to a total disaster.

How you will master the art of NASCAR is up to you as this expansion challenges your craving for America's number one stock car racing in numerous races built for these machines. Good luck and welcome to the world of NASCAR.

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