Wednesday, May 18, 2016

HOMEFRONT: The Revolution

Five years ago, the original HOMEFRONT game, once developed by KAOS Studio and published by THQ, two years before its bankruptcy, features a fictional plausible take of the United States took control by the North Koreans (who once unified the two Koreas not by the South but by the North) and the once America the Great is now abandoned and only a handful of resistance fighters wage war against the the Korean People's Army. With the HOMEFRONT games now under Deep Silver's hands, the folks from Dambuster Studios rebooted the once forgotten franchise with a bold new take.

HOMEFRONT: The Revolution (PC)
HOMEFRONT: The Revolution
(XBOX One)
HOMEFRONT: The Revolution
The revived HOMEFRONT game is now called HOMEFRONT: The Revolution and this game features a much different story that differs from the old THQ-era HOMEFRONT game. In an alternate history, North Korea became a technological superpower thanks to a multinational technology company called APEX and with the whole world taking advantage of APEX's technologies, even the United States, it became one of the world's biggest companies. In the not too distant future, with the United States on the depths of financial ruin because of overspending with APEX-sourced tech from North Korea, the once great USA has been taken control by the Korean People's Army and now, a group of resistance fighters in Philadelphia are staging a revolution to take back America from the grips of not just North Korea but the corporation behind it.

The new HOMEFRONT game features and open world combat where players wage guerilla warfare and use by any means necessary to slip past enemies in unbiased firefights. Apart from being a shooter game, The Revolution behaves like last year's everyone's personal favorite, Fallout 4, because you can gain new allies, make negotiations, establish bases and safehouses, create new weapons, and more. There are endless possibilities to create your own resistance to wage war against the KPA tyranny.

Believe it or not, playing The Revolution is becoming more of a party than your usual shooter because you can team up with other gamers and work your way through completing various missions from simpler ones to the most intense missions only the bravest heroes can ignite the revolution.

The fun doesn't stop here because you can receive in-game bonuses by logging on to the official site or the Homefront Resistance Network app for iOS and Android. You can avail on the Expansion Pass to gain access on upcoming expansions coming this 2016 such as The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath as well as the Beyond the Walls expansion, due next year.

Thoughts on The Revolution? It's starting to behave like the Fallout games due to its open-world action and creating your own resistance out of the people you've trusted. However, the storyline and the action is too intense for the faint at heart and you have to be brave enough to endure the thrilling action The Revolution has offered. While this game is recommended to play on co-op because playing solo is not enough to finish the job, best to stick to the PC version because with paid memberships on the XBOX Live and PlayStation Plus plagued the newest consoles, you'll have to empty your wallet to enjoy playing with other players.

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