Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Overwatch (XBOX One)
Overwatch (PS4)

This is Blizzard Entertainment's latest creation and noteworthy one of the most anticipated games to play for 2016. Called Overwatch, this first-person multiplayer action game not only marks a departure for Blizzard's PC RPG offerings such as Diablo and Warcraft, but this is a fun-filled shooter game where fanbase is expected for players devoted to Blizzard's action packed games.

Unlike any other FPS games, you can't just jump in it and go for a spin because it's multiplayer-focused and if you're playing it on PS4 and X1, you're going to need some subscriptions to go through Overwatch's multiplayer madness and then some.

Anyway, in the futuristic action-packed world of Overwatch, players can choose as one of the 21 playable characters, each with their own distinct abilities to master in the battlefield. They can go for the offensive, defensive, unleash brute force, or assist teammates, whichever floats your boat.

As you get to know your Overwatch character, you can immerse yourself in different locations and each location has different objectives such as battling against a rival team, protect a valuable target, and so on. How you will master these objectives is up to you and your mates. After the game, you can gain experience and when you level up, you can gain in-game credits and bonuses that will fit your favorite characters in style and finesse, no doubt.

Because Overwatch is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter game, getting in the action is not going to be a very easy task but once you're in the fun, you can't stop playing against other players while mastering your Overwatch character. It maybe complicating to immerse yourself but you won't be disappointed because sooner or later, Overwatch is going to be the next Splatoon because of how unique this game is at all sides and you'll go "Wow! Where did that came from?!"

Good luck fighting for the future, brave individuals!

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