Saturday, May 28, 2016

Red Nose Day USA 2016

Last Thursday night, NBC aired the RED NOSE DAY USA 2016 TV special, where the best celebrities from TV and movies ham it out and bring some silliness to the audience while giving help to those in need not just in America but the rest of the world. We've seen celebs doing ridiculous comic skits, musical performances, and some, while others doing humanitarian aid on across the globe, which is the main motif of what RED NOSE DAY is all about.

For 2016, comedian Craig Ferguson is this year's presenter and Americans seen this year's fun at RED NOSE DAY such as a Date with Tony Hale, Sarah Silverman's RND pitches, special messages from Jay Pharoah's friends, Blake Shelton Performs Savior's Shadow, a so-called The Walking Dead RND special with Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Key and Peel get kind, Margot Robbie takes a Red Nose Bath, Jack Black gives back, and even the scary guys love RND too. In terms of humanitarian aid, we seen rapper-actor Ludacris fighting hunger in Atlanta, stars introducing kids from different parts in the world who faced hardships through their lives, Jack Black's humanitarian mission in Uganda, and more.

In case you missed this year's special: (US residents only)

Anyway, before, during, and after this year's RED NOSE DAY USA, over 31.5 million dollars were raised for kids in need across America and around the globe, all thanks to Walgreens customers purchasing red noses, FUN-raisers across the USA, iconic buildings glow red throughout the week, and all the love spread throughout social media.

The 2016 RED NOSE DAY USA was a complete success just like the first one last year and it all thanks to viewers like you.

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