Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Renault Talisman Estate

Now, let's introduce to Renault's brand new Talisman Estate, a station wagon derivative of Renault's recently launched Talisman saloon, which replaced both the lackluster Laguna and Latitude saloons, and available exclusively for left-hand drive European markets and South Korea. Unlike the saloon, the estate will not be offered in Asia (even South Korea) because it will be offered exclusively in left-hand drive European markets.

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

At first glance, the estate version looks broadly similar to the saloon equivalent. It's got Renault's new signature design first seen in last year's Espace, the questionable interior with the tall touchscreen on the dashboard, and the choice of engines, but because this is the estate version, it offers a much larger boot space fit enough for your next recreational trip. It offers 572dm3 of load space up to the parcel shelf and a maximum load length of 1,116mm with the seats present but with the rear seats folded, it's now up to 2,010mm, suitable enough to become a company car for logistical purposes.

Also on the estate, it comes with integrated ventilation and new Cover Carving Technology, which frees up more space, including more than three centimeters of extra knee room for rear passengers. 

If you opt in to a more luxurious Initiale Paris model, the Talisman Estate offers premium features that is too close to call it first-class such as full-grain Napa leather upholstery, improved soundproofing thanks to laminated side windows, and a seat cushion length that can be adjusted by up to 60mm.

Just like the saloon version, the Talisman Estate comes with the Multi-Sense feature which allows the driver to switch through four different modes (Neutral, Eco, Comfort, and Sport) and a Personal mode where the driver can customize how it affects the lighting, the speedo, the engine sound, the climate control, the seats, the steering, the powertrain, or the suspension. Under the bonnet, customers can still get a 1.6 TCe petrol, a 1.5 dCi diesel, or a 1.6 dCi diesel with different configurations and can be fitted with either a 6-speed manual, 6-speed EDC, or a 7-speed EDC.

For added safety, the Talisman Estate comes with Active Emergency Braking System, Safe Distance Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Automatic High Low Beam, Adaptive Cruise Control, and a feature that allows this car to park by itself.

The estate version of the Renault Talisman starts at 29,100 Euros and it's somewhat more affordable than Peugeot's 508 SW or Volkswagen's Passat Variant. To evaluate this wagon, the Talisman Estate is a much sportier take in the station wagon genre in Europe and with luxurious features and added practicality, this wagon is too succulent for a forbidden fruit for English-speaking Europeans because this estate's all "je ne parle pas l'anglais". Sorry.

Available colors: Gris Cassiopee, Blanc Nacre, Rouge Carmin, Blue Cosmos, Beige Dune, Brun Vison, Noir Etoile, Gris Platine, and Blanc Glacier.

Photo: Renault

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