Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TGUSA: 24 Hours of Budget Racing

The boys are getting ready for the annual 24 Hours of Lemons endurance racing held at the Sonoma Raceway. But first, the gang decide which of the $500 used car will be used for the race. Tanner goes for the VW GTi while Rut goes for a Nissan pickup and Adam goes for the Ford Crown Victoria.

After numerous tests later, both the hatch and the truck got destroyed and left the boys using the Crown Victoria as the car of choice in this budget racing.

While the boys went to do some racing modifications...

...Tanner flies to Sweden to check out the ultra-powerful Koenigsegg One:1 megacar and see if he can beat his personal speed record of 223mph. In the end, he did two mph quicker.

After his max speed run, Tanner returns and in return, the Crown Victoria they're using, turned into a moving lemonade stand, costing its weight, handling, brakes, whatever that causes so much misery for the boys. A day later, after numerous disastrous laps later, The Stig surfaces to help the boys in the race but despite Stig's best efforts, the car broke down.

Despite the odds, it's a clear saying that budget endurance racing can be a lot more fun to try, no matter how disastrous the results are.

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