Thursday, May 26, 2016

TGUSA: American Aftermarket

Americans love a good aftermarket tuning on their fast cars and for the boys of Top Gear (the hit American TV show), they are trying out some of the best American muscle cars loaded with aftermarket packages. Tanner goes for the Ford Mustang-based Saleen S302 Black Label with a 730HP 302ci Supercharged 5.0L V8, Adam opts for the Chevrolet Camaro-based Hennessey Z/28 HPE650, and Rut goes for the Dodge Challenger-based Petty's Garage 50th Anniversary Challenger loaded with 1100HP of power output when run on race gas.

The first challenge involves a lap round the Las Vegas Motor Speedway using both the donor car and the tuned car at the same time. Tanner wins this challenge.

Using the modified muscles, the gang are challenging themselves to win a spot to review a bespoke Equus Bass 770. In the meantime, the boys are on a track to a drag race against a Porsche 911 Carrera S and whoever beats the 911 faster is the winner. In this challenge, the Rut with the thousand horses is the clear winner.

Arriving at Las Vegas, the boys made mischief through Sin City with some burnouts and a street race that goes from zero to 60 to zero. In this challenge, the Saleen Mustang takes the spot.

At the El Dorado Dry Lake bed, the gang are ready to push the car's limits with a max speed run...with some blindfolds. In this final challenge, Tanner won...

...and nabbed the chance to try out America's elusive and half-a-million dollar muscle car for the privileged few, the Equus Bass 770, a modern muscle car packed with a mixture of designs based on iconic muscle cars and some modern technological and performance touches.

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