Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie

One of the angriest family movie adaptation of one of the angriest app games ever launched has landed on the big screen as The Angry Birds Movie will show jut how "angry" this family movie is and judging by just how awesome is the movie is, this blows...

The Angry Birds Movie

So, what's it all about The Angry Birds Movie? Well, it's about three birds (played by comedian Jason Sudeikis, Frozen's Josh Gad, and Danny McBride) declared war on the bad piggies after the pigs' "friendly arrival" ended up stealing the birds' beloved eggs for food. Yep, as if they didn't had enough problems, these birds can't fly but they have to devise something that can launch themselves through piggy territory and that's how the Angry Birds story kicks in, featuring some of the iconic birds as seen from the franchise.

Anyway, no need to explain the whole story about how our favorite video game birds declared war against the pigs for numerous reasons but alas, here goes the many people who think that this film is considered to be...cute. Well, don't ask but nothing's cute about the characters depicted in the movie adaptation of everyone's favorite video game that made millions of angry users launched millions of birds for the record, because the more this movie progressed, the more you can imagine just why there are some would refer it to be cute.

Although the story can be somewhat too tacky, the fun factor as a family movie really blows like the black Angry Bird because with all that comedy and adventure, and the never ending fight between good and evil, it's clear to say that The Angry Birds Movie is not a cute movie but rather an awesome movie just like The Lego Movie years ago because when you think this movie is cute, it's tad boring but when you think that this movie is awesome, it really is an awesome film to have the rest of the family enjoy it.

It's been minutes since fans got hooked from the Angry Birds franchise on their smartphones and with this film, this hilarious family movie brings "Angry" to a whole new meaning and who can blame this? It's the birds we have to thank.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

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