Friday, May 6, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA:Workers' Party congress begins

North Korea's ruling Workers' Party congress has just begun under the watchful eye of leader Kim Jong-Un.

This is the first highest-level meeting convened in the Korean Peninsula in 36 years, and the message delivered by Kim will likely signal the path North Korea will take in the coming years. The event is forecast to be held for three to four days and expected to finish on Sunday or Monday.

During that time, the party will list its accomplishments, elect new younger aides to Kim Jong-un, and give the young leader a new title. But facing international sanctions following its nuclear and missile test, no high-level foreign guests are known to have been invited.

The possibility of Pyongyang conducting a fifth nuclear test, appears to have been delayed until AFTER the event. Amid North Korea's series of ballistic missile tests and increased activities around its main nuclear test site, many had speculated that another nuclear test may happen prior to the congress.

Some experts now pointed out, the reclusive regime is likely to focus solely on its congress for the time being as the regime is feeling increased pressure from the international community, especially from its long-time ally, China.

However, the South Korean government is not ruling out chances of another test anytime.

Meanwhile, the UNSC general say no significant matters were brought up during his brief encounter last month with North Korea's foreign minister. Ban Ki-moon told reporters that he told Ri Su-yong that he appreciated his attendance at the signing of a UN climate agreement and that he hoped to see him at more international meetings in the future.

When asked about the international response to the North's continued provocations, Ban said there seems to be no better option than sanctions for now but he added that the world is not imposing sanctions but rather induce a change in North Korea and turn it into a responsible member of the global community.

Source: Arirang News

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