Saturday, May 21, 2016

What's your favorite Angry Birds game?

The Angry Birds Movie finally hits movie theaters, so in honor of the movie adaptation of the angriest app game off all time, it might be a better way to ask yourself, as an Angry Birds fan, if do you have a favorite Angry Birds game that suits your liking. Don't be doggone but it's fun to find out which Angry Birds game made it your favorite.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds - Ah, the original Angry Birds game. You determine which Angry Bird is suitable in multiple scenarios and there goes that trial-and-error feel that made you try and try until you get three stars in all levels. You starting to know which Bird fits on scenarios and watch the havoc as everything falls on top of the piggies and when there are still left, you know what to do, try and try until you rid them all.

Angry Birds Friends - If you love Angry Birds but if you're somewhat a competitive type, then the Friends game was made for you. Sure, it may have six different levels popping up every week but one goal in the game of Angry Birds Friends is gain bragging rights against other players from around the globe in series of tournaments that will test your bird-slinging skills.

Angry Birds Seasons - Seeing Angry Birds messing around world holidays never felt so much fun in Angry Birds Seasons. It features the same Angry Birds mechanics you love but with some added twist that will keep you guessing what's next. With 26 themed episodes, over 775 levels, unique power-ups, and super special one-off Pig Days levels, it's Angry Birds making the most of global occassions.

Angry Birds Space - The battle between the birds and the pigs goes interstellar with Angry Birds Space, This installment features a much different mechanic compared to past Angry Birds games with space-themed levels, zero-gravity features, and different ways to obliterate the pigs in the galaxy. This game is collaborated with NASA and it features special clips where you'll learn more about the Solar System. It's fun and educational at the same time.
Bad Piggies - Onto the different side of the coin, it's good to be the bad guy and for this spin-off, you are trying to aim higher to accomplish your objective. That's how Bad Piggies kicked in and as a pig, you can assemble different contraptions and navigate through different puzzles. One catch for sure, if you want to collect all the stars, you'll need more and more upgrades to piece the piggies' rides and accomplish where you left off.

Angry Birds GO! - Angry Birds gone racing in Angry Birds Go!, a fun-filled racing game where players can select as their favorite Angry Birds characters, race in different locations, and blow away the competition with an array of power-ups, kart upgrades, and so much more.

Angry Birds Stella - An Angry Birds game for the girls, finally. Now it's time to let the chicks play rough against the pigs and in this game, take full advantage of Stella and friends' abilities to wipe out enemy pigs that gets in their way and fight their way against the evil Bad Princess to save Golden Island.

Angry Birds Epic - The birds gone strategic in Angry Birds Epic, a strategic RPG game where players assemble the angriest of the Angry Birds and take on epic battles against wave of pigs level after level. To get the most out of it, players can level up their favorite birds or find epic weapons that will turn the battle to their favor. Strategy is important here when it comes to survive against the wave of enemy pigs.

Angry Birds POP! - Puzzle game lovers gone angry over the Angry Birds POP! game, a colorful puzzle game where players shoot bubbles and drop the piggies to clear levels.

Angry Birds Fight! - This Puzzle RPG game from the world of Angry Birds is just one of the many that put a new spin on pointless puzzle games. In this game, players can equip their favorite birds an arsenal of weapons and armor and battle against wave of pigs in series of puzzles. It takes logic to master this kind of battle and you can gain upgrades that can turn the tide of the battle.

Angry Birds 2 - The sequel to the hit app game blew the fans away with incredible graphics, new and exciting ways to play, an array of birds and powerups, and so much more to describe just how angry Angry Birds 2 is, in veterans and newcomers' perspectives, perhaps.

What's your favorite Angry Bird game?

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