Tuesday, June 7, 2016

20 Years of Pokemon: The best Pokemon all things considered is...

Since two months ago, to honor the Pokemon franchise's 20th anniversary, Pokemon fans across Japan decide who is the best Pokemon all things considered the whole time by taking on a one-of-a-kind Pokemon Sousenkyo 720. In that very event, fans voted who is the best Pokemon and the winning Pokemon will be offered for those who attended the crowning ceremony. After a month of tallying the votes, the public decided and as announced on a special crowning ceremony earlier...

This then is the best Pokemon all things considered the whole time...


Not exactly what it looks like in this shot but you get the idea. To repeat, the best Pokemon all things considered the whole time...is none other than Greninja, the Ninja Pokemon.

Yes, the world got shocked on this result but why this Water-and-Dark-type Pokemon is named as the best Pokemon all things considered the whole time, dethroning mythical Pokemons like Mew and Arceus, and all-time favorites like Charizard and Pikachu?

Some say, it's the Protean ability that made this Pokemon a game-changer in rating battles, online competitions, and world championships. Some say, it's the looks that appeal most Pokemon fans, even women. Some say, its unique power to become Ash-Greninja in Pokemon The Series XYZ made this Pokemon a stand-out. All we know is, such fascinating traits made Greninja the best Pokemon all things considered the whole time.

The list of top 10 Pokemon from the Pokemon Sousenkyo 720 (based on vote tallies)
1) Greninja
2) Arceus
3) Mew
4) Pikachu
5) Sylveon
6) Charizard
7) Genesect
8) Rayquaza
9) Meloetta
10) Zygarde

So, there you have it. If someone asked you who is the best Pokemon all things considered after twenty years, there's your answer. The Water-and-Dark type Ninja Pokemon that crowned as the winner of the Pokemon Sousenkyo 720 and now under the hands of guests who made it at the crowning ceremony.

I have no idea there will come a day some Pokemon will dethrone everyone's favorite Pikachu in the title of world's best Pokemon.

Photo: Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, Shopro, JR Kikaku

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