Thursday, June 9, 2016

Honda bids CR-Z farewell with final special edition

Launched in 2010, Honda's CR-Z should have been known as proper hybrid sportscar for the discerning enthusiasts because of being the first hybrid car to be mated with a manual gearbox. Such uniqueness led the CR-Z won its Japan Car of the Year on the year when it was launched.

Six years from now and here we are, Honda annouced that production of the CR-Z hybrid hatchback has come to an end but they're not leaving out without a sendoff because the final edition, called the CR-Z Final Label, has launched.

Priced at 2,800,000 Japanes Yen, the Final Label CR-Z features special equipment including front seats that has the words "CR-Z Final Label" on it, specially-designed 17-inch wheels, and a special "CR-Z Final Label" plate mounted below the gear lever, among many other extras.

Still comes with the same 1.5L hybrid powerplant and its available transmissions include a 6-speed manual or a CVT.

What a way to say goodbye to Honda's rather unique hybrid hatchback that was quite a ride for some speedo boys.

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