Monday, June 13, 2016

Let's Do The News! (June 13, 2016)

- The Abu Sayyaf terrorists set another deadline for today for the government to meet with their ransom demand in exchange of the release of the three hostages that were abducted from Samal Island, but to government insists its no ransom policy and will not give in to their demands. The Armed Forces of the Philippines said they will stop their military operations against the Abu Sayyaf until they are able to save the hostages.

- The scheduled pre-trial for plunder and graft of detained senator Jinggoy Estrada was deferred for the fourth time on Monday, days after the second anniversary of the PDAF scam cases. During the hearing of the Sandiganbayan Fifth Division, the Office of the Special Prosecution informed the court that it wasn't done with the marking of documents.

- Four people were wounded by a suspected homemade bomb that exploded at Shanghai's Pudong Airport on Sunday afternoon. They say the man who threw the bomb tried to kill himself with the knife. The explosion occurred at around 1430 hours local time near a passenger line in front of a check-in counter in the second terminal. The man is said to have a neck wound and is being treated at a hospital.

- The South Korean government has started salvaging a ferry that sank off the country's southern coast over two years ago. The Sewol ferry sank in April 2014, leaving 295 people died and 9 missing. Most of the victims died are students taking on a field trip.

- The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute says the number of nuclear warheads worldwide stood about 60,000 in 1990 after the end of the Cold War but the number is now halved to about 31,000 in the new millennium after the leaders of the US and the former Soviet Union signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991. The number declined to about 22,000 in 2010. Efforts to reduce nuclear weapons continued under the New START Treaty signed between the two world superpowers a year after US President Barack Obama committed himself to create a world without nuclear weapons in a speech in Prague.

- Opinion polls show that British people are divided on whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave in the European Union, ahead on the June 23 EU referendum. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has urged people to vote to stay in the EU for the sake of their children and grandchildren. He wrote that plans for education, employment, and taxation would be suspended and people's pensions would be affected due to Brexit.

- A commercial vehicle variant of the Daihatsu Wake kei-car, the Hijet Caddie, was launched and it's priced at 1,188,000 to 1,544,400 Japanese Yen. Although intended to use for small business owners, the Hijet Caddie comes with Smart Assist II safety systems.

2017 Daihatsu Hijet Caddie

- The fourth-generation Renault Clio (Lutecia) range has been updated for the 2017 model year with a revised exterior design and some extras.

2017 Renault Clio
2017 Renault Clio Estate

- The Decepticon Barricade returns in Transformers: The Last Knight as a hunked-up sixth-generation Ford Mustang.

Barricade in Transformers: The Last Knight

- The Love Live! Sunshine!! TV anime series, due this July, will have a global simultaneous launch following its Japan premiere on the 2nd of July at Tokyo MX at 2230 hours (10:30 PM) JST.


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