Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Let's Do The News! (June 15, 2016)

- The camp of incoming Vice President Leni Robredo said that the inauguration between her and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be separate. Despite it will still be held in Metro Manila, the incoming vice president wished to be sworn in by Ronaldo Coner, captain of the "smallest, farthest and poorest" barangay Punta Tarawal Calabanga in Camarines Sur.

- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front wants the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law to be enacted first before the Duterte administration pursues efforts to change the type of government from unitary to federal. Ghadzali Jaafar, the vice chairman of the MILF, said it may take a while before the peace agreement is implemented if the establishment of the Bangsamoro government is subsumed by the planned shift to federalism.

- The incoming presidential spokesperson said the recent beheading of the Canadian hostage by the Abu Sayyaf terrorists is a threat for the Aquino administration and not of the upcoming Duterte administration.

- Presumptive Democratic presidentiable Hillary Clinton met up with her rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders following her win at the final primary in Washington DC. Sanders is reluctant to drop out from the race while Clinton is believed to have asked him to help promote party unity. The Vermont Senator is set to deliver a video address on Thursday. Attention is focused on whether he will drop out from the race and express support from Clinton.

- Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama strongly opposes Donald Trump's latest call for a ban on admitting Muslims into the UNited States. Following Sunday's Orlando gay bar massacre, the presumptive Republican presidentiable repeated the call and warned Obama to step down from not using the term "radical Islamic terrorism" to describe Islamist militants.

- A South Korean man admits to causing damage at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine last November. Jeon Chang-han pled guilty at the first hearing of his trial at the Tokyo District Court on Tuesday. He was accused for setting fire to and damaging a restroom at the shrine by detonating pipe bombs.

- Nissan developed a next-generation fuel cell drivetrain that can be powered by bioethanol that is set to hit markets by next decade.

- See what happens when the Honda Civic Type R FK2 takes on Europe's finest racetracks.

- Max Laurel, the actor notable for playing Filipino comic book villain Zuma, passed away at the age of 71. He was the original Zuma from the titular 1985 film and its 1987 sequel, Anak Ni Zuma. Apart from being Zuma, he appeared in numerous movies from 1979's Durugin Si Totoy Bato to 1996's Bitag.


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