Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Let's Do The News! (June 28, 2016)

- President-elect Rodrigo Duterte eyes placing the Philippines between the US and China, according to foreign policy and defense experts during the Asia Pacific Foreign Policy and Defense Seminar at the East West Center last week. According to Dr. Evelyn Goh, the Sheeden professor of Strategic Policy Studies, Australian National Studies, the Philippines right now is very much on the side of the US but it come back closer to the midpoint. However, that doesn't mean Duterte is going to align with the Chinese. Instead, it will bring the Philippines back to where it was kind of before, more along the mainstream where some ASEAN nations have thrived to keep the relations close to both world superpowers.

- Meanwhile, Vice President-elect Leni Robredo will collaborate with the private sector in pursuing her anti-poverty and pro-women advocacies. Robredo's spokespersons have repeatedly said she would continue to work hard to serve the people even without a Cabinet c=position.

- Back to the Brexit aftermath, British ambassador Asif Ahmad said that Britain's historic decision to leave the European Union will not affect Overseas Filipino Workers living and working in Great Britain as they arrived under a completely different regime. The UK has an independent migration and visa policy, not being part of Schengen and Filipinos came to the UK based on rules that would not be changed.

- Meanwhile, the top European Union leaders are holding a 2-day summit in Brussels to discuss how to deal with UK's decision to leave the bloc. The first session is due to start at around 1600 hours on Tuesday. British PM David Cameron is expected to tell his counterparts that he wants the negotiations to take place under his replacement, who will be chosen by October.

- Pope Francis said Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic should apologize to the LGBT community and seek forgiveness for the way they have been treated. Speaking to reporters as he flew back from Armenia, the pope was asked if he agreed with comments by German Cardinal Reinhard Marx that the Church needed to apologize for the way it has treated the LGBT community.

- Biohazard 6's Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong gets figurized courtesy of Hot Toys. These poseable figures are available to order starting at a limited-time pricing of 27,000 Yen and deliveries will commence this January.

- With Fast 8 shooting at Iceland's going to be sub-zero, the producers uncovered the cars that Dom and his crew will be using during their Icelandic mission, including Dom's Ice Charger.

Dom's Ice Charger
- China expressed regret over the meeting between exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and US pop singer, Lady Gaga. The two meet up at a conference of American mayors in Indianapolis on Sunday. At the meeting, the Dalai Lamai said compassion for others is the key to world peace and happiness while Lady Gaga replied that compassion is humans' greatest asset.

- Top Gear presenter Matt LeBlanc warned that he may quit the show unless the BBC sacked Chris Evans from the show.

- Sandara Park (Dara from K-Pop girl group 2NE1) returns on Philippine television as one of the judges of the upcoming reality show alongside comedian Vice Ganda and singer Yeng Constantino.


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