Monday, June 13, 2016

Mass shooting at Orlando

A mass shooting took place at a gay bar at Orlando, Florida, killing 50 people, marking one of the worst mass killings in US history, exceeding the death toll from the 2007 Virginia Tech incident.

The gunman behind the attack identified as Omar Mateen, age 29, who killed 50 people and wounded 53 at the Pulse club before being shot dead by police. The Islamic State claimed responsibility behind the attack but it is not known if they're involved in this attack.

Reports state that Mateen dialed 911, the emergency number in USA, before the attack and swore allegiance to the Islamic State. Mateen was killed in a crossfire with police officers, after taking hostages at the club.

US President Barack Obama condemned  the attack, calling it not just an act of terror but an act of hate, even for the LGBT community.

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