Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This is probably the last American Top Gear aired on HISTORY Channel prior to the announcement that this show is well and truly over...for now. In this episode, which is the last for US Top Gear, the boys are on a historic road trip to Cuba.

Since the trade embargo that prohibits Cuba from importing new cars from the US during the Cold War and the infamous missile crisis, most of the cars on Cuban roads are mostly pre-1960 American cars. Thanks to the newly-reconciled ties between US and Cuba, things are finally settling in.

To honor such an occassion, Tanner, Rut, and Adam tried out some classic American cars and then set off to a Cuban road trip with some challenges and surprises in store for them.

Although I can't tell what the boys did in their historic Cuban road trip, it's a sad day to see the end of American Top Gear. It's a bit of a "meh" for Top Gear fans as a whole but it's been quite a ride after six seasons, seeing the boys ventured through uncharted territories with fast cars and clashing each other just for the fun of it.

Thank You, Top Gear. (The hit US Show)

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