Saturday, June 18, 2016

TGUSA: Winter Drop Top

No one drives an open-top convertible on a cold winter season. The boys of Top Gear (the hit US show) says "says who?". To find out if you can really drive open-top cars on a cold winter day, the gang are driving all-wheel drive convertibles at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Adam goes for the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible with AWD, Rut goes for the BMW 650i Cabrio with xDrive, while Tanner goes for the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio. There's the twist; the winner will have to race against the loser who is going to be with a dogsled team.

The first challenge involves driving through the icy straight and then open the roof while racing through the finish line. Sadly, the BMW's open-top mechanism faces problems due to temperatures, therefore Tanner wins.

Next, the boys will try out the cars' 4WD powertrain at the Bridgestone winter driving school. In this challenge, Tanner takes the win despite the boys set him up with a freezing Le Mans start.

Later, the boys are playing car hockey with their cars and in here, they have to find out how fast they can shoot the puck to the goal. Adam wins in this challenge.

In the last challenge, the boys are going on a winner-take-all game of car rodeo. With Rut lost and now goes dog-sledding, Tanner's up for the challenge to race against Rut in a dogsled. As a matter of fact, Tanner and the Porsche won the race while Rut's...looking bizarre when he left the sled full of dogs.

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