Saturday, June 25, 2016

The dirty little secret of car commercials

There is one dirty little secret about how car commercials are made and that dirty little secret is something involves CGI fakery.

Why CGI in every car commercials that goes "professional driver, closed course" and "do not attempt" this and that? That reason goes to the availability of vehicle and location. As uncovered by unknown sources, people involved in the making of car commercials with some "professional driver" and "do not attempt" on it resort to using bangers on the shooting, then edit it out to look like a brand new car when viewed on TV. Yep, that explains a lot.

The Blackbird

There's another dirty little secret to make car commercials with using the actual car. You see, a UK-based firm called The Mill introduced a clever-looking machine called the BLACKBIRD. Although they got that name from the SR-71 recon plane for some reasons, the BLACKBIRD is a shapeshifting vehicle that solves the problems of making a car commercial.

It is the world's first fully adjustable car rig that not only alter its chassis to match the precise length and width of almost any car but also its appearance. With CGI, the car rig can be altered to match a specific car and its electric motor can be recalibrated to emulate the driving characteristics of the subject car.

Here's a video that sums everything up:

Watching car commercials will never be the same again, even those "do not attempt" moments because the next time you see a car commercial with a car doing ridiculous stunts, better start asking how did that happen and the results would be very questionable because it would be either bangers or this.


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