Wednesday, June 29, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Supreme People's Assembly begins

The Supreme People's Assembly has begun today, a process widely seen as cementing Kim Jong-un's grip on power. The session comes 50 days after a rare Workers' Party Congress last month. South Korea's Unification Ministry says today's convention will address the legislation and revision issues of its party's structure and constitution among other things. Experts predict Kim Jong-un will take the title of chairman of the Central People's Committee, a position once held by his late grandfather and North Korea's founder Kim Il-Sung.

Meanwhile, the US, South Korea, and Japan conducted their first joint-missile-tracking exercise off Hawaii on Tuesday local time in an effort to better defend against threats from North Korea. The Pacific Dragon exercise came as the North has been carrying out numerous test firings of the Musudan missile, which the second one claimed it was successful.

Source: Arirang News

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