Saturday, June 11, 2016

Warcraft (2016 film)

The world's most successful MMORPG millions played throughout its lifetime has finally landed on the big screen and thanks to its success as a game players around the world hooked for, the movie adaptation of Warcraft is going to be one of the must-watch films for the summer. So, what is it then, this Warcraft movie?


Known in some parts in the world as Warcraft: The Beginning, this movie stars Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, and many others. It was directed by Duncan Jones and written by Charles Leavitt. This movie features an original storyline heavily inspired from the World of Warcraft games.

It's about the world called Azeroth, where mythical beasts called the Orcs fled from their devastated homeworld and their plot was to capture as many humans to power their portal so the entire Orc race can enter the once peaceful world of Azeroth. Unknown to the menacing plot, a reluctant Orc named Durotan formed an alliance with brave human warriors, including Lothar, and with only a handful of heroes been chosen by fate, they are the only ones to bring back peace to Azeroth.

Because this purely an original storyline, some say the movie feels like it doesn't have any connections to the World of Warcraft games. Of course, you've been soaked all day, all night, to venture through the World of Warcraft, especially the expansion, but with this film, there's nothing so special about the storyline offered unlike any other video games turned into movies you've seen in the past. However, the more you keep watching this film, the more you're getting empowered by the bravery the heroes you saw in the film, knowing that one day, you are going to be like one of the good guys destined to save the world. Of course, you might wind up cosplaying as one of the characters in the movie, which is rather flattering for WoW fans too many.

Warcraft (The Beginning) maybe one of the best films to watch this summer but with all that original storyline pooling in, this film has a lot to learn from the fans who got hooked playing with the Warcraft games for so many years. Despite that, at least the fans of the World of Warcraft got what they deserved; a fantasy movie with a mouthful of magic fit enough for video game fans who came on the theaters, explaining about what's what about this film.

My rating: 3.8 out of 5

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