Friday, June 17, 2016

What's it about Shanghai Disney Resort?

Shanghai Disney Resort

The Shanghai Disney Resort has been recently opened to the public yesterday as guests of all ages have been eager enough to enter the wonderful world of Disney in Shanghai, China. So, what is it then, this Shanghai Disney Resort?

This $5.5 billion investment is one of Disney's most ambitious projects ever imagined and about 330 million people within a three-hour radius of Shanghai will be able to visit the park on opening day. Originally, before the opening, there should be an opening gala filled with music, acrobats, and more, until the rainy weather hampered until last night, where viewers witnessed the spectacle, which was televised on Disney Channel. In the gala, spectators witnessed the ever-changing colors of the iconic castle, musical performances by China's talented singers, acrobat performances, and many more as well as the appearance of Mickey Mouse to do the honor.

Because this new tourist destination is on Chinese soil, the Main Street has been renamed as Mickey Avenue to reduce the "American" feel while attractions include the Wandering Moon tea house, a Chinese Zodiac-themed garden, and a Tarzan musical with Chinese acrobats. There are so many attractions offered in this newly opened theme park in Shanghai and the family who are spending their summer vacation can't wait to try most of the attractions offered in Shanghai Disney Resort.

There are hotels offered such as the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel for the upper-class of guests to stay for the night and the Toy Story Hotel, which claims to be "family fun for all sizes".

Other destinations include Disneytown, where visitors can explore a shopping, dining, and entertainment district unlike any other, as well as witnessing the Mandarin-language debut of the legendary Lion King musical at the Walt Disney Grand Theatre, as well as Wishing Star Park featuring the Wishing Star Lake, Dragonfly Playground, and the Starlight Amphitheater for those who love stargazing.

Ticket prices (As of now):

1 x Standard (1.4+ M) (¥499.00 CNY/ticket)
1 x Child (1.0-1.4 M) (¥375.00 CNY/ticket)
1 x Senior (Ages 65+) (¥375.00 CNY/ticket)

So, any plans to visit the latest addition to the ever-expanding Disney Parks?

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