Friday, July 1, 2016

How to dress as one of Aqours

In honor of the upcoming premiere of the much-awaited Love Live! Sunshine!! TV series, this is the perfect opportunity to explain any Lovelivers around the world how to dress as one of the Aqours members. If you need a quick refresher, Love Live! Sunshine!! centers on nine teenage girls on how they formed Aqours and become Uranohoshi Girls High School's finest school idol group ever formed.

Love Live! Sunshine!!
Since this is an idol anime packed with idol girls, the girls will have a wide array of wardrobe they'll be wearing throughout the course of Love Live! Sunshine!! and while you'll be worrying about the outfits later, the target will be hairstyles based on Aqours members. I'll be detailing it so pay attention.

As Chika - Chika Takami is the leader of Aqours and the youngest of the three sisters. She's a second year student and her family runs an inn. She's a fan of μ's. To start being Chika, it may take a orange wig with a just-size (not too short, not too long) to do the job but notice the hair accessories Chika wore? She had a big yellow ribbon on her left and a small green one on her right but I don't think that's the half of it because there's a small braided portion of the left of Chika's hair. If you can manage to replicate Chika's hairdo, you're free to do whatever outfit you like.

As Riko - Formerly from Tokyo, Riko Sakurauchi now resides to Uchiura. A second year student who loves to draw and likes to stay indoors. Judging from her hairdo, Riko has a crimson-colored long hair with a few specks on her right. If being Riko is an easy task, the choice of outfits will not be easy but I'll leave it all to you.

As Kanan - Kanan Matsuura is a senior-year student who runs a diving shop with her grandmother on a nearby island. Just a simple long blue hair should do the trick but don't forget the ponytail look that Kanan had. Once settled, the outfits are up to you but for the record, you better don't let anyone's guard down while you're on a wet suit because diving is one of Kanan's pastime.

As Dia - Dia Kurosawa is the senior-year student and she's Uranohoshi Girls High School's student council president. As I believed, Dia's behavior will be similar to her predecessor, Eli Ayase from μ's. She rejected the idea of having a school idol group in the first place but she'll be reluctant to be part of it if things get dirty. If you maintained your long black hair, disregard this notice but if you cut it by mistake, best to have an emergency long black hair wig ready and spec out with some minor hair accessories to complete the Dia look.

As You - You Watanabe is a second year student and an excellent diver fit for a swim club. Oh dear, fans expect that they're going to wet themselves in bedtime upon remembering this idol swimmer in her speedo, but for the ladies who are reluctant to become You, a sand-colored wig should do the trick but keep the wig just the right shortness. Once settled, feel free to do whatever outfits as you please. Be warned though because there are worse things than running through a You Watanabe cosplayer wearing a tight one-piece speedo.

As Yoshiko - Yoshiko Tsushima is a first year student who considered to be unlucky. She prefers to be called Yohanne instead of her real name. She dislikes mikan fruits. Yoshiko's hair is somewhat royal blue-ish, and it's long, so it would be a super tricky approach to find the right blue color for the wig. Also, the round part on the right of Yoshiko's hair would be less rewarding but once done, you're free to do whatever outfits you like.

As Hanamaru - Hanamaru Kunikida is a first year student and a daughter of a family of shrine keepers. Although she's a member of a local choir, she loves to read and gets dizzy easily. To become Hanamaru, a simple toffee colored hairdo should do the trick and the rest is up to you.

As Mari - Mari Ohara is a half-Japanese senior student who is a daughter of an Italian-American father who had his hands full with the hotel businesses. She likes to do things at her own pace. Yes. a blonde hairdo should do the trick but this going to be fairly difficult to replicate Mari's hairdo due to the odd-looking style at the top of Mari's. It's a very challenging task but if you managed to sort it out, the outfits are yours for the choosing.

As Ruby - Ruby Kurosawa is a first year student and a good friend of Hanamaru. She maybe prone to crying but she's good at sewing. This is a very easy task for those who want to be Ruby because all you need is a red wig and pigtails just to complete the look. Once settled, good luck on your outfit hunting out there.

And there you have it. If you can choose which Aqours member will you be, sorting out the costumes is now the next objective for you all and once done, it's showtime! With the help of your buddies, you'll be able to show what Aqours is all about! I have high hopes that there will be a plethora of Aqours cosplay around the corner post-premiere so good luck, Lovelivers!

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