Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Imagine You & Me

To celebrate the imminent first anniversary of AlDub, the romantic movie that starred the phenomenal TV couple that gave birth to millions of fans from around the globe and record-breaking tweets has arrived and this film is the "ultimate" AlDub experience die-hard fans have waited for.

Imagine You & Me

Imagine You & Me maybe more than just being a long-awaited film that stars Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as Andrew and Gara but this film is considered to be the perfect present for AlDub's 1st Anniversary. In fact, because this film is so romantic for the AlDub nations too many, this film was shot entirely from Italy.

Why Italy you may ask? Because Italy is home of the many scenic spots in this country such as Venice, Rome, the Vatican City, Tuscani, even the Amalfi. For AlDub, it's a golden opportunity to have this film shot at it and showcase their unique love story while they're at it. The producers we're very pleased by it.

As AlDub aficionados step inside the theater to watch this film, there are three things to expect in this film; laughter, romance, and tears. Those are the three and as a rule, best to watch the whole movie because one single bathroom break will ruin your once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch this movie you've been desperate to watch it and if you did, sorry. If you want to take a bathroom break, wait after the ending and if by ending, fans are starting to guess what kind of ending this movie will be and there is a very high chance that this film has the ending Lola Nidora never wanted to see but a dream come true for fans, I presume. No one knows what but best to watch the whole movie for the big answer on what would AlDub do at the end of the film.

To conclude, this film is a long-awaited present to the AlDub Nations across the Philippines and here's hoping that this film will be distributed worldwide for #TeamAbroad. We now have the movie but the AlDub Week isn't over yet because we still have 52nd weeksary of AlDub tomorrow and by Saturday, time to celebrate AlDub's 1st Anniversary. Are you ready?

My rating: 5 out of 5!

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