Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jinsei wa Subarashi

Jinsei wa Subarashi, the latest single by the hit J-POP boyband Johnny's WEST, is now added on the court record.

Jinsei wa Subarashi
Jinsei wa Subarashi [Limited Edition A]
Jinsei wa Subarashi [Limited Edition B]

HOLD IT! Isn't this latest maxi single from the popular J-POP boyband featured the second opening theme song from the Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) TV series? If so, you're more than delighted to listen the latest opening theme song anytime you want and because Johnny's WEST is gaining more reception than the whole Ace Attorney TV series (women who are archiving this, are you getting this?) but not quite enough compared to the entire Ace Attorney video game franchise, fans can listen more aside from their latest opening theme song. In the normal version, it's offered with new songs such as Mr.Summer WEST, 覚悟しろよSummer , and CHO-EXTACY, but in two different limited editions; the track lists are different as well as the DVDs offered, which are packed with music videos and behind the scenes. In Limited Edition A, there's a DVD featuring the music video of Jinsei wa Subarashi, while the Limited Edition B features a new song titled シルエット, as well as its music video DVD.

Present this as evidence? OBJECTION!

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