Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's Do The News! (July 28, 2016)

- Onto US Secretary of State John Kerry's Philippine Visit, he expressed the US' agreement with the Philippines on how it responded after the arbitral tribunal based in the Hague delivered a victory for its case against China. In his meeting, Kerry told his Philippine counterpart, Perfecto Yasay Jr., that they appreciate the very responsible and measured way that the Philippine government has responded to the important decision.

- In the midst of the voter registration for the upcoming barangay and SK elections, the Commission of Elections assured the public that safeguards are in place against the repeat of the hacking of the database last March. Comelec chairman Andy Bautista noted that the commission has made sure that data has been secured from those who would try to hack their systems again.

- The third-day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, amid fears that more hacked e-mails from the convention will be uncovered by WikiLeaks over the coming days as well as Republican Presidentiable Donald Trump called on Russia to hunt down Hillary Clinton's deleted e-mails, Senator Tim Kaine accepted his Vice Presidential nomination but the biggest standout in the third day of the convention is the current US President Barack Obama, whose powerful speech devotes everything about what he did ever since he took office, his experience with Hillary Clinton, and why Obama believes that the so-called "Trumpism" won't prevail.

- The ISIS-linked Amaq news agency has posted an online video of two men behind the murder of a Catholic priest in northern France. It shows them pledging allegiance to the terrorist organization. The assailants broke into the church, taking five people hostage and killing a priest. Both were shot dead by the police.

- Over 100 Russian athletes have so far been banned from participating the Rio Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has decided to allow some athletes to participate if they meet certain criteria. Most members of the Russian teams in tennis, archery, equestrian, shooting, triathlon, volleyball, judo, sailing, fencing and table tennis have been approved or will likely be approved to compete in Rio while some international federations are still evaluating.

- Meanwhile, Russian leader Vladimir Putin accused the Western powers of launching a political campaign against sports. Putin addressed the country's Olympic team at a send-off ceremony in Moscow on Wednesday, told the team that rules which govern international politics are being applied to the world of sports. Putin said international sporting bodies should treat athletes fairly and allow Russian athletes who emerge clean from doping tests to compete in the Games.

- Some say, Jaguar Land Rover will discontinue the legendary supercharged V8 engines and plans to source twin-turbo V8s from BMW for cost-efficient measures.

- After making its appearance in last March's Batman v. Superman film, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie kicks off since last weekend's SDCC. The film hits theaters this summer 2017 worldwide and Gal Gadot reprises her titular role. VIEW THE TRAILER HERE.

- Today marks the 54th weeksary of AlDub but things don't look so good in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye segment. As the lolas starting to drift apart after the big revelation, Maine has escaped from captivity and with the police arrested the kidnappers, she has reunited with Alden. However, Lola Nidora picked up a phone call from someone but who is it? Tune in next time and find out!


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