Monday, July 11, 2016

My favorite Star vs. the Forces of Evil moments

The new season of Disney XD's hit TV show, Star vs. the Forces of Evil kicks off tomorrow morning and it's great to see the universe's ridiculously ugly (but downright funny) magical girl from the Kingdom of Mewni, Star Butterfly, and her best friend from Earth, Marco Diaz, back for more adventures. In honor of the show's new season tomorrow, time to jot down my favorite Star moments; the good, the bad, and the downright ugly (just like Star herself).

1) Star Butterfly is a wayward princess from the Kingdom of Mewni who loves adventures and kicking monsters' butts. On her 14th birthday, her parents, the king and queen of Mewni, gave her the magic wand and promised her to take full responsibility...which she didn't. Because of the fiasco, her parents exiled her to the Earth dimension...which she find this dimension rather amusing. Upon encountering with a high school boy named Marco, things get spiraled out of control until an evil baddie named Ludo and his henchmen plotting to steal Star's magic wand to take control of the universe. Can't say whatever the heck's going on but we had fun watching the first episode where a partnership between a mischief-making princess and a buttkicking Earth boy are forged for many endeavors to come.

2) To compensate from Star's poor grade from the exams, she plays matchmaker to Ms. Skullnick, until she turned her into a monstrous troll, which wowed the crowd. Unknown by them, Ludo and his henchmen take advantage of the situation and attack Star for the wand. While the gang busy buttkicking Ludo's henchmen, one of them fell in love with Ms. Skullnick. Well, you get the idea but it's ridiculously funny to see, especially when we want to "feel the love".

3) Afraid that when Star's magic wand loses all her power, all of the wand's magic will be disappeared forever, she and Marco warped to a dimensional shop called Quest Buy to buy a new charger for her wand. However, they've been tailed by Ludo and the chase is on for the wand's new charger. Wow, for a magical girl like her, she can be very absent-minded when she realized that her wand's charger got sucked by a vacuum cleaner that Marco used at the end of the episode.

4) It's Marco's parents' anniversary and the gang tries to find a perfect present for them. Despite Star's parents warned that she should not leave Earth indefinitely, she took the whole Diaz family to a trip to her home kingdom, Mewni. During their little tour, Star didn't realized that her dad is here and she had to keep themselves down or else her dad catches her red-handed. As the Diaz family vacation's getting more and more risky, it's up to the gang to save the day until she got caught by her dad, who embraces his wild side. What the two didn't realized that they're both have monster butt-kicking genes and decided to keep it a secret between them. Talk about parental bond, if you know what I mean?

5) The Mewberty episode takes the puberty to a whole new meaning as when Star undergoes "Mewberty", she goes boy-crazy, even Marco. Unable to cope up with Star's uncontrollable situation, Marco tries to find her book of spells and negotiates with Glossaryck of Terms on how to deal with Star's uncontrollable situation. Sadly, Glossaryck's not helping and Marco's bracing the aftermath of Star's Mewberty. Looks like the ugly one gets even more uglier for Star.

6) After one interdimensional prank call, Star found out that her magic mirror's out of credits and the only way to reload her mirror is to enter Pixtopia to pay the bill. Unprepared, Star and the gang got caught up on a one-sided battle against pixies until one of them fell in love with...the pixie queen. Pixies...they're so aggressive on humans, especially other-dimensional ones like Star.

7) The Blood Moon Ball episode is the turning point of the show and when Star's demon ex-boyfriend, Tom, invites her to the Blood Moon Ball, Marco's unaware that this once-in-667-years-phenomenon was a moment that was destined for each other. Desperate, Marco rushes to the Underworld in his Dia de los Muertos costume, stealing Star on the floor, and when the blood moon (or total lunar eclipse) shines, the two dance each other until the secret's out for Star. Are Star and Marco destined to be each other? Sounds romantic by best to keep it to the viewers themselves.

8) It's Pony Head's birthday and with Star and Marco heard that Pony Head's life is in danger, the two are entering their biggest fear of their lives, St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. As Star disguised as one of the guards and Marco disguised as a wayward princess, the two infiltrated the reform school to save Pony Head...only to realized they were too late. With Pony Head getting all "mannered", the two are trying to bring her waywardness back while still on the run by the reform school guards and the headmistress,

9) When Star heard about a commercial for a "banagic wand", she and Marco set off to "a better store" near them. Sadly, Marco has some karate lessons, meaning Star will have to set off alone to "a better store" while facing disastrous troubles all in the name to get...(whispers) the banagic wand.

10) When Marco got kidnapped by an evildoer named Toffee, Star made an unlikely alliance with her arch nemesis Ludo to "storm the castle". This season finale is definitely the biggest turning point for Star Butterfly as in order to stop Toffee, sacrifices has to be done and when she done that...whispering spell, everything starting to unfold and with Toffee defeated, Star's wand is gone until...her wand found out to be upgraded with a major twist. Half of the wand's crystal is missing and where could that be?

Looks like the race is on as the new season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil kicks off tomorrow, July 11, 2016, at 10:30 AM Pacific Time on Disney XD. Check local listings.

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