Saturday, July 9, 2016


Military officials in South Korea has attempted to launch a submarine-launched ballistic missile in violation of international sanctions. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said Saturday that the missile was fired at around 1130 hours local time, from a two-thousand ton submarine near the eastern port city of Sinpo. The launch came a day after South Korea and the US confirmed their deployment of a US missile defense system to the South.

Meanwhile, South Korea's major political parties have had their say on the two countries' confirmation Friday that the THAAD missile defense system WILL be deployed to South Korea. The ruling Saenuri Party said it was a "timely and inevitable decision" that's necessary to maintain regional peace and security due to North Korea's threats. The Minjoo Party said it wasn't opposed to the deployment but it criticized the government's diplomatic and security strategies in addressing China's concerns. The minor opposition People's Party was outspoken in its opposition, questioning about the effectiveness of THAAD, adding that the decision had completely disregarded the stances of South Korea's neighbors like China.

Source: Arirang News

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