Tuesday, July 19, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea launched missiles

Sourced from Arirang News:

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff(or JCS) said North Korea fired off three ballistic missiles Tuesday morning 
between 5:45 AM and 6:40 AM Korea Time.

The latest launch is thought to be part of Pyongyang's response to the July 8th decision by Seoul and Washington
to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system here by the end of 2017 to deal with the nuclear and missile threats from the North.

The military said the missiles, presumed to be Scud-class or intermediate-range Rodong missiles, were launched from Hwangju, Hwanghaebukdo Province and two of the missiles flew between five hundred and six hundred kilometers before falling into the East Sea. 

The JCS said the range is enough to reach all of South Korea, including the far southern port city of Busan, 
adding that South Korea's military is keeping close tabs on the North and fully prepared for additional missile launches.  

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