Saturday, July 16, 2016

Three endings, two channels, one day

Well, that was an unexpected day for teleserye lovers because three endings have occured on the same day; two by ABS-CBN (My Super D and We Will Survive) and one by GMA (Poor Señorita).

In the My Super D finale, to save Dodong's friends and family from the hands of his rival Tony (known as supervillain Zulu), Dodong, as Super D, is on a race against time to settle things once and for all in a one-sided deathmatch but Zulu's powers were too powerful to be defeated by Super D and took Dodong's divorced wife, Nicole, hostage. Unable to bear this, Super D gave up his blue gem, the source of his powers, to Zulu. With Super D's real identity exposed, Zulu thinks he won the fight and with the people became very angry to Tony, his rage was unleashed. With Dodong resurfaced, he demonstrates that his love for people is his only power that grants him to be Super D and with Tony removed his red gem, the real fight begins. After taking multiple beatings by Tony, Dodong strikes back and defeated Tony once and for all. With the world back to normal, Dodong and Nicole are finally back together and they're now one happy family again. Then, Super D made his final address to the public before Dodong and his son Dennis returned the two gems to the cave where it was founded. That concludes the tale of Super D.

On the We Will Survive finale, with Maricel finally recovered fron her long comatose, everything's finally settling in, even for the love of her life, Pocholo. Later, after the baptism of Wilma's newborn baby, Pocholo wants to have a wedding with Maricel but the friends got other plans; a double wedding that shouldn't fail like last time. Day before the wedding, the two friends are recalling their bitter moments and seems that these two finally settling in. The next day, Maricel and Wilma finally got the double wedding they've deserved. This concludes the story of We Will Survive.

In the Poor Señorita finale, with Deborah got hit by the car, the kids are doing their best to help her, despite being the root cause of Rita's problems. With Rita reconciled with her mother after days of trouble, Rita faces trouble as her office is planted with a bomb and everyone's in trouble, even for Rambo who tries to search for Rita. With Rita escaped, she returns back to the office to save Rambo. The bomb explodes but the two escaped. Rambo survived but Rita's in critical condition. Meeting with her father from heaven, Rita's love with the orphaned kids she treated not just friends but as part of the family is proof that she's a good person, therefore she surrendered her fate with her father. Days passed by, everything's back to the way things were, even for the kids and friends of Rita. However, Rita makes her comeback, delighting everyone. This concludes the story of Poor Señorita.

Three endings, two stations, one day. How's that for timing?

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