Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Gear S23 Finale

The Series 23 finale of "brand new" Top Gear gives a fresh send-off to the revamped show with cars, cars, and cars, starting with Chris Harris tries out the new Honda NSX and then handed to The Stig to set a 1:17.6 lap time round the Top Gear track. Then, Rory Reid checks out the brand new Ford Mustang. Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc tries out Porsche's hardcore 911R with enthusiasm. And lastly, Chris Evans tastes nostalgia with restored and modernized MGB vintage sports car.

In Star In A Rallycross car, comedian Greg Davies and racing driver Patrick Dempsey lapped round the track in 2:27.1 and 2:12, all in wet conditions.

Because this is the season finale, the finale ends with the presenters trying to leap the rallycross Mini the longest in tve high-jump part of the rallycross section of the track.

Well, after six episodes aired, it's hard to say whether the "brand new" Top Gear is acceptable than the old one but due to Chris Evans' "unacceptable" behavior, feels like the future is shady for BBC's hit motoring show but with Rory Reid and Chris Harris spicing up the show and a plethora of cool cars shown, the new Top Gear feels not so bad to look at but not good enough to be patched from Evans' behavior.

Good thing is that after the show, Chris Evans announced that he's leaving Top Gear for good, meaning that with Evans out of the picture, the future looks bright for the "brand new" Top Gear for the next few terms but for how long? Only time will tell...

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