Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A twister struck Manila last Sunday?

I saw in the news last night about a viral video of a twister struck the Metro Manila for a short period of time last Sunday. It got me scared and confused but still could be worse.

According to reports, over 300 homes and structures got damaged by a sudden twister or tornado, whatever they call it, passed through Baseco Compound, Sampaloc, Intramuros and Lawton.

Thank God, no one was killed, although some are hurt during a rare twister and the city government will do whatever they can to rebuild houses and buildings affected by it.

How twisters formed? A twister or a tornado is formed during super cell thunderstorms in which a column of air rotates counter-clockwise. The air adds speed in an updraft of the thunderstorm, and a funnel cloud forms. Once the funnel of the win hist the ground, a tornado was formed.

Let's hope things like this won't happen to day, I swear to God.

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