Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aikatsu Stars (movie)

First aired on TV Tokyo in the spring of 2016, Aikatsu Stars is the successor story of the hit Aikatsu franchise and it centers on a brand new story of friends Yume Nijino and Rola Sakuraba as they are going to fulfill their quest to become the school's finest idols in the same way the four elite students, called the S4, did with their pride and prestige. Using their Aikatsu Cards, the stage is theirs to amaze the spectators. While the little girls have been enjoying the whole Aikatsu Stars show for 18 weeks and it continues to progress, there is now a movie version of the hit TV series that will serve as the turning point to the tale of Aikatsu Stars.

Aikatsu Stars (movie)

Of course, fans like you and I got the whole Aikatsu Step song that Yume performed in the TV show stuck in our heads and on this movie, no one can escape the rhythmic whim of the Aikatsu Step song if you progress through the brand new storyline that sets as a turnaround from the hit TV series. In the movie; Yume Nijino, Rola Sakuraba, Koharu Nanakura, Ako Saotome, and Mahiru Kasumi are on the wonderful Aikatsu Island not just for the fun and show of it but this is where their friendship are put to the test and how far will they go for the legendary dress audition the academy, even the S4, is talking about lies beneath theirs. 

Anyway, no time to chitchat about that now because even though this show is still fresh off the Aikatsu franchise since the recently-concluded original Aikatsu, this show picked up lots of fans in spite of a small share in the world of anime idol girls, even little girls aged 8 and below got into the fun with the Aikatsu Stars gig. You can trust them on this because while this is plainly a girly kiddy show and made for family viewing, even the most astute of idol anime addicts can get fallen to the trap of kawaiii-ness this movie get just like in the hit TV show because, well, this is idol anime stuff and we know it about five hundred idol girls ago.

For those who missed the Akari generation of Aikatsu, don't fret because before this movie starts, there's a movie short featuring the girls from the original Aikatsu anime, which was recently concluded since late March. In the short, Aoi Kiriya, Akari Ozora, Ran Shibuki, Ichigo Hoshimiya, and the gang are on a new adventure about the magical Aikatsu card. No time to explain that but it's great to have the original Aikatsu gals returning on a short clip before their successors became the main event every little girls with their mommies and daddies waiting for. This is going to be the ideal Aikatsu experience they don't wanna miss.

Now, let's all sing the Aikatsu Step song that is now stuck on everyone's heads now while watching this film! Idol girls...

My rating: 3.1 out of 5.

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