Sunday, August 28, 2016

Detective Conan's Real Live QR Code reveals special message

Because it's part of honoring the Detective Conan franchise's 20th anniversary, the titular kid detective that became a household name in Japan, Conan Edogawa, made his special appearance at the annual 24 HOUR TELEVISION charity event aired on NTV. For his special appearance at the annual charity event, Conan rallied up about 625 individual to make a real-live 25x25 QR Code at an open space, which has a secret message for everyone who scanned that QR code.

This is the result:

Anyone who scanned that QR code that was riled up by 625 individuals, including the Conan Edogawa mascot himself, received a very special message. It reads like this;


Whatever it is, it reads like "Whoever hides from the truth is a coward". At least this special message should serve as a big lesson to us all because like Conan Edogawa aforementioned, no one, even bad guys, can't hide their truth from themselves because if we are brave enough to expose the truth, everything will come clear for us all. Yes, I'm talking to anyone who are going to run a powerful country causing so much word wars, we can't even tall who are we fighting for.

Since its 1978 start, Nippon Television's 24 HOUR TELEVISION event features the biggest and the brightest Japanese celebrities come together for some special performances as well as taking challenges, all in the name of fundraising for the benefit of those affected from disasters as well as the sick and disabled, and the less fortunate. There were even charity auctions set up by the biggest names and personalities as well.

Since the manga was published by Shogakukan in 1996 and created by Gosho Aoyama, who also created Yaiba, Detective Conan has spawned a TV show with over eight hundred TV episodes and counting, a slew of feature films, live-action specials, video games, and tons of merchandising rights. Kids from Japan and all over the world became part of the never-ending crime-solving adventures of Shinichi Kudo or Conan Edogawa as he takes on the most ruthless criminals, solving puzzles, gaining evidence, and apprehend the culprit. With his array of gadgets and a little help from his friend Ran Mori and the Detective Boys (comprising of Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Ai), everything's possible in Conan's perspective. The latest film, Detective Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare, was launched in Japan last April 2016.

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