Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dolce Amore's Most Beautiful Finale

The story of ABS-CBN's hit TV drama, Dolce Amore, is all about two crossed lovers, Serena and Tenten, trying to overcome all odds in the name of everlasting love. After everything they've been through, these two never gave up on themselves, no matter how sour things get.

In the finale, we see things finally patched up for the two of them as they finally got the wedding they truly deserved and as the two recall about everything they've been through, Serena and Tenten are finally married, much to the delight of the family and friends of their lives.

Moments later, Serena and Tenten had their honeymoon and following a sudden accident, Serena finally remembered...that Tenten is nothing but a womanizer and let's leave it that way.

This concludes the love story of Serena and Tenten in Dolce Amore.

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